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pillbottlesLooking for help in today's healthcare system can be confusing and frustrating, and after long waits in hospitals and office waiting rooms the patient is often left feeling like the least important part of the equation. In many cases the "care" has been taken out of healthcare.

Our slogan at the Pill Box Pharmacy is "Caring for Your Health" and we strive to put the patient first.  We understand that you are first and foremost looking for a pharmacy that is accurate and dependable.  We make this our top priority & your well-being depends on it.

We also know that your time is valuable and your schedule can be hectic. We develop and evolve our staff & procedures to minimize your wait, which most often will only be a few minutes for a prescription. In addition to this we believe that many times you need more than a bottle of pills to feel better, you will likely have questions, worries and concerns that need addressed as well. Our professionals and staff are always accessible to address those as well.

One important factor that often overrides all our other needs and desires is cost. It must be affordable. Pill Box Pharmacy has thrived for 40 years by treating our neighbors fairly and helping to control costs.  That is just as important today as it has ever been.

We believe you will find our prices very competitive with other pharmacies and in cases where a particular medication is unobtainable we attempt to provide you any information we have about alternative medications or programs that can help keep your cost down.

Below is a list of other services we offer in order to convince you that we are the best pharmacy value around!

  • Accept Medicaid, Medicare and nearly all Prescription Insurance plans
  • Free Mailing & Delivery to your home or work.
  • Provider of Diabetic Testing Supplies at little to no out of pocket expense for qualified individuals on Medicare.
  • Extensive inventory of medications to take care of your needs.  If we don’t have it on hand we can most often have it for you the next day.
  • Complete front end to take care of your OTC Medication, Wound Care, Herbal and Nutritional needs.

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